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    Smart Answer is a SMS (text message) auto-response tool that when active, will respond automatically to incoming text messages. This leaves the recipient undisturbed, but still lets the person who sent the message know why the recipient is currently unable to respond. Examples for use include; while driving, sleeping, watching a movie, or in a meeting.

    Even though Smart Answer can be used for multiple purposes, it was designed specifically with automobile drivers in mind. Texting and driving has become such an epidemic that a useful tool is necessary to address this crisis. Smart Answer will respond to messages letting the sender know that the person they are texting is unable to respond until he or she arrives at their destination. This allows the driver to have the peace of mind knowing that their messages are being handled for them so that they can keep their eyes and concentration on the road.

    Smart Answer not only responds automatically to incoming text messages, but it also has a feature called "Drive Mode." When Drive Mode is enabled the application will run a background service that detects your movement speed. When movement is detected at 20 miles per hour, Smart Answer will automatically kick on the auto-response feature. If you forget to turn the auto-response feature off after you have arrived at your destination, Smart Answer will disable it for you once movement has not exceeded 5 mph for 15 minutes. Of course you may manually control these functions at any time, or you can disable Drive Mode all together so that Smart Answer will only function if you launch the app and start/stop the auto-response feature yourself.

    By utilizing an application to respond to messages for you, you are letting anyone who sends you a text message know that you are unable to respond until you are no longer driving, in a meeting, sleeping, in the movie theater, or any other event where you are not able to text back. You will have peace of mind knowing that the people messaging you will know why you aren't responding rather than feeling ignored or worried.

    Smart Answer is Easy to Use:
    With the Drive Mode feature you can literally set it and forget it. Choose your response and then go about your day. Even if you choose to disable drive mode and manually start and stop the auto-response tool, setup is as simple as choosing a response message and then pressing the START/STOP button. It is as simple as that.

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