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    SmartText, as the name suggest, is a feature rich text application which provides valuable feature over traditional text (message/sms) application provided by android.

    This application focuses on resolving following usability issues which the traditional text application has:
    1) You can't directly locate an address present in the message on a MAP .
    2) You can't share you message content with social networking .
    3) You can't search for the information in the message with search engine.
    4) You can't set your messages as unread.
    5) You can't listen to your message .
    6) You can't delete all message related to same person.
    7) You can't directly email to email address present in the message.
    8) You can't directly move web to specified URL present in the message.

    SmartText is focused on resolving these problems. It provides following important functionalities over traditional messaging application.
    - Integration with Map(Locate on Map).
    - Share Contents(Share content with social networking site).
    - Google search (search content form google).
    - Speak Message.
    - Set Message as read/unread.
    - Incoming Message Alert for quick message view.
    - Informative Message Viewer
    - Call the sender who had sent message.
    - Template(Create Template,Edit,Delete).
    - Message Settings (Alerts, Notifications, Ringtone, Vibration Mode,Flash light).

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