Get SmartDonuts for personal photo sharing on device and unlimited group messaging!

    SmartDonuts is a unlimited social group messaging service and uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and groups.
    Swith from current group chat applications to SmartDonuts to send and broadcast unlimited messages with multiple photos. It's FREE and you can save data network cost.


    ★ NO HIDDEN COST : Once you and your friends install the application, you can use it to share photos or messages as much as you want. Send multiple photos or unlimited messages a day to your friends or groups for free! SmartDonuts uses your Internet connection: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when available.

    ★ MULTIPLE PHOTO SHARING : Take a photo about where you are or what you're interested to share with friends or group followers. Send it in real-time and browse it without re-connecting to mobile network or WiFi. It saves your data network cost.

    ★ UNLIMITED MESSAGING : Send your messages to friends or group followers as much as you want. You can broadcast it to other friends or groups. Use SmartDonuts as a new mobile blogging tool.

    ★ PRIVATE DISCUSSIONS : Discuss with your friends or group members for private or important topics without exposure to the public.

    ★ SECURED MESSAGE DELIVERY : Your message will be delivered on your friends' device with a message alert, even if they're not on-line with you.

    ★ LOCATION-BASED MOBILE MEDIA : Communities or enterprises can sent their promotional messages to their followers, while followers can easily disconnect, if they want. It saves marketing cost for massive real-time messaging.

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