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    SMS Sender is a free app that help you send message easily and quickly. It is an desktop widget and you should add android widget first! This widget has more functions than others. You can compose new message and even search messaging easily. In addition to that, you can setting as you like.
    You can make it delete old message when the limits are reached!
    You can set a text message limit: 200 messages per conversation or more.
    you can make a multimedia message limit as you like.
    You can choose have a delivery report, read report, auto-retrieve, roaming auto-retrieve when you sending a short message.
    Notifications setting are also supported!
    You can set which ringtone or vibrate alarm you when you have new message!

    It is a great sending message with powerful functions. With the help of this free app, you need not search the message app on a long app list any more. It is a widget that can be placed on your phone desktop! Just press the widget, you can send or compose message directly! Of course, there are many other functions apart from what we mentioned above. Let's look at them in detail:

    Other Functions:
    1.Quick sending speed and sensitive in responding.
    2.After add widget on your desktop, you can see a message icon appeared on your phone.
    3.Press the pen icon on upper right corner, you can write new message directly!
    4.Tap the 0 icon near pen icon, you can read and search the message that do not read.
    5.Click the "all threads" icon in bottom, you can enter the main page of this app.
    Press menu button in this page,
    -You can compose new message here.
    -Search other messages as you like.

    -Setting the app function with Setting button.

    Attention, after you make the setting, you should press menu button to restore the default settings.

    I bet you can not find a better one than this in android market. It is powerful enough to meet all your requirements! I hope this free app can help you much in connecting with your friends and business partners!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    This free app is ad supported . The ads help us create and maintain these free apps for you. Please, respect the developer work. If you don't like notification ads or icon ads, you can just uninstall the app. for uninstall, uncheck this app on Settings → Location and security → Select device administrators.

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