SMS Shadow




    Find out what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or spouse is saying or doing on their phone! Do you suspect your special someone of lying or cheating? Spy on text messages and call logs!

    Maybe your children have started being secretive or you just want to know whats going on in their life. Want to know who they are texting? Found out if their friends really are GOOD friends.

    What about the pictures they are sending and receiving? Don't YOU want to see them?

    You can even track their GPS locations to find out if they are telling the truth about where they are or maybe you just want peace of mind knowing they are some place safe!

    Maybe your an employer and you want to know if the cell phones you issued to your employees are being used for business purposes only! Excellent way to find out if their is any corporate espionage going on.

    Monitor Phone activity from the internet!

    View SMS text messages(FREE),

    MMS messages(including the photos if any).

    Track Call logs(See the Name and number of the caller along with the Time, Date and Duration).

    View all contacts.

    Get a list of user installed Apps.

    See what WEB pages have been viewed along with the Date and Time.

    Track GPS locations along with Date and Time.

    Simply install this App on the phone you want to get the information from.

    Enter your email address in the registration screen that pops up on the phone.

    Then visit and setup a new account(or use an existing one) using the SAME email address!

    You will then be able track all of the information listed above.

    You can also download and install a discreet version that does not include any notifications from

    If you plan on installing it on a device that does not belong to you, please get permission from the rightful owner before doing so.

    Before installing this app check your Local, State and Federal laws to make sure you are not violating any privacy laws.

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