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    Remotely track all SMS & MMS messages, call history, and GPS location.
    SMS Tracker is the most comprehensive SMS tracking solution for virtually any popular smartphone. By installing this SMS Tracker on the target mobile device, you can secretly look over all sent and received SMS & MMS messages, photos, videos, check call logs, Internet history and track GPS location details. All cell phone use data can be remotely viewed from any PC or smartphone with Internet access.

    This undetectable SMS tracking application is ideal for tracking someone’s cell phone with maximum ease. Use this SMS tracking software to check the loyalty of your significant other, supervise your children or get information about the real whereabouts of your employees. Simply install this SMS tracking app onto the mobile device you need to track and you will find out things that you thought was beyond your reach. SMS tracking software like this is much better than other tracking methods (eg. car devices, home video recording equipment, etc.) since most people keep their mobile devices wherever they go and so exact SMS tracking of every step they take can be carried out.

    SMS Tracker – Additional Features
    Our SMS tracking software allows you to do the following:
    ✔ Check contacts from the phone book.
    ✔ Track SMS messages even if they were deleted by the target phone’s user.
    ✔ Track made and received calls.
    ✔ Check web browser history.
    ✔ Track GPS location of the target mobile device.
    ✔ Control apps and programs
    ✔ Lock and Unlock the target device remotely

    Benefits of SMS tracking Software:
    With our SMS tracking software you can check whether your suspicious partner, or your spouse, is lying to you. SMS tracker can catch a cheater as effectively as a private investigator, but for much more affordable price. By resorting to the help of SMS tracking software you can make sure that your suspicions go unnoticed by your partner and if it turns that it was nothing else but your imagination running wild, your relationships won’t be broken.
    If you are a parent, SMS tracking tool can supervise your children when you are busy. By logging in online and having a look at your kid’s activities, you’ll make sure they are protected.
    In addition, this SMS tracker can be a valuable tool for any business owner have this cell phone tracker installed on your employees’ phones given to them by the company, you’ll be able to check how hard-working and honest they are.

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