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    Systems Control is a multi purpose SMS command application that may be used to control devices such as alarm systems, gate openers, home automation devices, IT equipment and M2M signal activities. Many different manufacturers provide for remote control via SMS, and there are any number of mobile device applications available to control specific brands. Our goal with this application is to provide an easy to use multi purpose command tool that may be programmed to issue up to six different commands out to up to 10 different devices - no matter the brand or model of the device to be controlled.

    Systems Control has also been designed for international use. Device names and command strings may be entered in any language, activity control selection is by way of icon click. Designed primarily for security companies and their alarm clients, the application may also be used by IT technicians for router and switching control where required, as well as Geo Location service providers for programming and instructional commands out to gps tracking units.

    If a device can be programmed and/or controlled by SMS then Systems Control can issue the required commands.

    Communications ability

    Not all users require control ability just from a mobile phone, in some cases users may also wish to remote control their systems via an android tablet that does not have a GSM connection. Systems Control issues commands via standard SMS using the GSM service of the handset, or via WiFi data connection and using a Clickatell SMS account.

    Users may arrange their own Clickatell (Developers Central, HTTP API) account, or companies providing Systems Control to their clients may choose to provide Clickatell sending access as part of an ongoing service plan or as an inclusion in a customer loyalty program.

    General Set Up

    Once installed, enter details of the device/s you wish to control. Click on the settings icon and then select the next unused device line (ten available) to enter your own descriptive name of the system or device, and under that enter up to six different commands that may be issued. Refer to the panel user guide or equipment manual concerned to determine what you need to enter in the command line.

    If you have been provided Systems Control by your security company or other provider they will advise you the details to enter, or in some cases they may provide you the fully programmed application "ready to go"

    The check box beside each different command allows one or more "command buttons" on the same line in the device action screen. click on the Help icon to see examples.

    Advanced Features

    To set up further features of Systems Control, such as service provider name and telephone number on screen with Click to Call button, or PIN access control to the application, or Clickatell account details, click on the settings icon and then select the sub settings icon above the ten device line buttons.

    * if you set PIN access control and forget your PIN you will need to re install the application, and all device details

    * be sure to tick Data check box if using Clickatell account service

    General Use

    Systems Control is designed to be easy to use, programming and operation is intuitive so please take a few minutes after you first install the application to get to know the functions available.

    The most used commands are -

    ARM - turn on
    DISARM - turn off
    STATUS REPORT - the state (on or off) and condition (any indicated faults) of your system

    Personal Safety

    This application is not designed to receive activation alerts about alarm events, we recommend against "self monitoring" of security systems, it may not be safe to attend incidents yourself (especially if offenders are on site) In reality, you will not always be available or able to attend anyway. We suggest you use an alarm monitoring/response company in conjunction with Systems Control.

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