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    TCPhone is a revolution in free mobile video calling. It provides the utility of a telephone on Android mobile phones enabling high quality voice, video and real time text chat - known as “Total Conversation”.
    · Video
    · Audio
    · Real Time Text Chat (T.140)
    · Call your circle of friends in a conference
    · Works over WiFi, MiFi, 4G, 3G, EDGE networks
    · High quality fast video
    · Intuitive and easy to use

    Minimum requirements:
    · 1Ghz+ CPU
    · Medium or large screen size
    · Android 2.2+

    TCPhone provides true freedom to communicate from wherever you are. It can video call over Wifi, 3G, via a wireless hotspot or over a MiFi Broadband connection.

    Economical use of Networks:
    TCPhone can be optimised to make the most of your call plan by using WiFi hotspots where available for video calling, falling back to 3G if a hotspot is not available.

    The user interface is clean and simple. The interface consists of three main pages, status page, dialler and call logs. Video calls can be made directly from the contacts bar within the status page. Call type can be selected so that calls can be voice, video or text and in any combination.

    Free Calls to Friends and Family:
    A TCPhone user can vodeo call other TCPhone users, or a TCPhone PC user (coming soon) for free.
    Real Time Text can be used to supplement voice and video live in a call. This is particularly useful for spelling out words or numbers that are difficult to hear. Real time text can also be linked to the phone's speech recognition capability, meaning that a user can speak into their phone for the remote user to read.

    TCMail – Video Mail with Audio and Real Time Text:
    A TCPhone account includes 20 minutes of TCMail meaning that callers can leave a video message when you are busy or unavailable. The system notifies users of a waiting message using in-app notification and email.

    High quality voice and video:
    TCPhone has been optimised for variable connection speeds adapting the audio and video call to achieve the best performance possible from the current network connection.

    Easy Installation:
    TCPhone is easy to install. Simply download, enter your TCPhone user name and password, and start to make video calls!

    There is currently no emergency calling capability within the TCPhone network and this app must not be relied upon in an emergency.
    Please ensure you understand your data package and any relevant data roaming tariffs before using this app over a mobile network. Please monitor your data usage using the utilities supplied by your provider to prevent unexpected charges.
    By installing this app you accept AuPix's terms and conditions. AuPix accepts no responsibility for loss or damage as a consequence of installing the software, or as a result of data usage.

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