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    TelecoIPO provides Avaya IP Office users with remote control for twinning, and other remote access features accessible via IP Office System Short Codes. TelecoIPO uses the mobile telephone network to enable these features. TelecoIPO does not require data service to provide value for Avaya IP Office users with Android devices. You do not need to setup your IP Office system with direct Internet access in order to use TelecoIPO. There is no requirement for Internet Protocol connectivity between your Android device and IP Office in order to benefit from TelecoIPO from CALECO Ventures.

    This application is designed to work with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and is believed to be compatible with all versions of the Android Operating System 2.0 through 4.x.

    TelecoIPO enables the following features when working in conjunction with appropriately administered Avaya IP Office systems:

    * Access to Voicemail
    * Access to IP Office Meet-me Audio Conferencing
    * Access to 3rd Party Executive Audio Conferencing
    * Activate/Deactivate Twinning
    * Activate/Deactivate Do Not Disturb
    * Dial via Office (save on toll calling)
    * Request Callback
    * Activate/Deactivate Night Service
    * Activate/Deactivate/Pulse External Relays

    Prior to purchasing, if you are unsure of compatibility please read the user notes posted on our web site to ensure that you have a compatible Avaya IP Office system. Please note that the Avaya IP Office system includes pre-defined System Short Codes which may not be compatible with the capabilities of the Android Operating System due to a limitation that prevents Android applications from sending the pound/hash "#" symbol in-band. It may be necessary for your system administrator to change system short codes to take advantage of the full capabilities of TelecoIPO with Avaya IP Office. In order to use this application to the fullest capability, it is necessary to ensure that all required dial strings/system short codes do not include the pound/hash "#" symbol. If there is a requirement for the "#" symbol in a dial string, it will be necessary to enter it directly via the dialpad during each call.

    V3.1 adds support for the Avaya IP Office Callback calling feature using the "Request Callback" feature of TelecoIPO. Some mobile service providers offer "free" inbound calling. Users with free incoming calling from their mobile service provider can minimize airtime charges and maximize the value delivered by TelecoIPO and Avaya IP Office by using this new feature of TelecoIPO.

    Do not install this update if you have a device with Android OS prior to 2.0. This update is believed to be compatible with Android OS 2.0 and above. If you require support for pre 2.0, please contact us directly for additional help.

    Thank you for your interest!

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