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    Text Message Alert allows your Panasonic DECT phone to notify you when you receive a text message (SMS).
    When this feature is turned on, your DECT phone will use its Bluetooth feature to check your cell phone for new messages.
    If a new message has been received, the DECT phone system will play a voice announcement and ring.

    If your cell phone supports MAP (Message Access Profile), this app is not needed. If a MAP notification is displayed when you register your cell phone with the DECT phone, please uninstall this app.
    Refer to the documentation included with your cell phone for information about MAP support.
    (Samsung Galaxy SIII, SII, and Motorola Droid X support MAP.)

    Configuration instructions:
    1. Pair your cell phone to the DECT phone using Bluetooth.
    2. Launch this app and turn on the Text Message Alert feature.
    The DECT phone will notify you when there are new messages.

    * This feature works only when your cell phone and the DECT phone are connected via Bluetooth.
    * This feature will not function while you are on a call.
    * You can select whether or not your cell phone displays a confirmation message before sending the notification to the DECT phone.
    Menu > Settings > Show confirmation every time

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