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    Text Tracker & Phone Log with GPS App sends text messages and phone log information on your email address. Awesome Application to keep track of your personal Text Messages and Phone Log with GPS. Super duper Cell Phone Monitoring App.

    Wants to see your text messages on-line, try our world class - Invisible Text Tracker on Web. Visit to download. This is a super duper App to track text messages silently and to view online. Best text message tracking App.

    NOT FREE. Not Cheap. Try it FREE. Liked it? Pay it. App is designed for kind and generous people who loves to appreciate. We take great pride in supporting our generous Customers and their needs. If you are known for writing too many negative ratings, this App is not for you. Please accept our sincere apology and excuse us. No matter how bad the circumstances, negativity never even enters in positive minded people. Check out this Article -

    For ANY issues, please write to us & we will do whatever we can to see you Happy. Guaranteed!

    No Spy. Text Tracker App cannot be used for Spying. It's illegal to use for 'text spy' or as a 'phone spy'. It's very important that you will understand Phone Log App throughly before use. This App may not be compatible to your device. Please check applicable local laws before use.

    * Text Tracker and Phone Log along with GPS - Very Easy to use App.
    * Text Tracker & Call Log App sends, Text Messages and Phone Log / Call Log with GPS on your email address.
    * Get GPS of the Phone just by sending Text Msg.
    * Remote Request to get text messages &phone log Info. as and when you want - just by sending text msg
    * On wish, loved one can get your GPS Location just by sending Text Msg - very unique idea.
    * Allows you to back-up of your Text Message & Phone Log.
    * Allows you to delete Text Messages & Phone Log remotely - just by sending text message
    * Msg / Log is not stored on a Remote Server.
    * Icon is Visible and not Invisible. If you have specific requirement for invisible Text Tracker App, please visit

    If you want to get Text Msg / Phone log starting from April 01, 2013
    send message from any phone / computer to your phone

    msgs light1 send log from 01apr2013
    (light1 is your secrete code word - which you can set as per your choice)
    and phone will send email to your email address with Text Log and Call Log Info.

    If you are looking for text messages online, please look for our other App - text message online App. For more information and to check out other Apps, please visit

    Please remember, this tracker cannot be used as a cell phone spy. It's illegal to use tracker as a cell spy. Please respect everyone's privacy. This App is designed for a good cause. This App runs in background and notification Icon will be displayed. If you are looking something totally Invisible - visit and download - Invisible Text Tracker on Web / Invisible Text Tracker via Email.

    If your kids are using your phone, please let them know that text messages online App is installed and information is being tracked.

    This Text Tracker & Phone Log App is being used by many users without any issue. If you are having issues, the best thing is to uninstall and install it again - make sure that you use same user id. If you still have an issue, uninstall an App immediately and write to us.

    Legal Notice:

    This App is distributed without any warranty. This App is only for End Users. It is illegal to install this App on a phone which you do not own. It's strictly illegal to use this App for Spying. You agree that this Application will be used only for lawful, proper and appropriate personal purpose and will not use Application in any way that is illegal, improper or inappropriate. We reserve the right to cancel / stop the service any day / any time. By using this App, you agree and accept Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

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