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    TextDrive is an app that will automatically respond to SMS messages when you are unable to.

    Great for times when
    * you are driving
    * you are in a movie
    * you are in a meeting
    ... any other time that you can't respond, and don't want people to keep pestering you.

    In addition to automatically responding to messages, TextDrive lists the messages that you have received so you can quickly glance and see if any are urgent. If you tap a message in the list, TextDrive will read the message to you using text-to-speech. If you long-tap, the message will be removed from the list.

    TextDrive can run in the background. This allows you to use navigation or look something up while still being able to auto-respond to messages. To return to TextDrive, simply click on the notification icon. Any texts that were sent while you were away will show up in the list.

    To stop TextDrive from responding, simply press the "Back" button while TextDrive is on the screen.

    TextDrive also has a timer that you can set to quit auto-responding. This can be useful to set at the beginning of your commute, then around the time you should be home, the app will stop auto-responding. That way you don't have to remember to turn it off. Additionally if you have the timer set, the remaining time can be included in your response to give your friends an idea of how long you will be unavailable.

    **Upcoming Features**
    * Better indication of auto-timer status.
    * Remember last 5 responses

    (* Note standard SMS rates apply. If you have a limited number of SMS messages, be aware that you may exceed your quota)

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