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    TextJs Pro - Browser SMS

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    TextJs allows you to send and receive SMS text messages using your computers web browser. No longer do you have to fight with your touch screen in order to get out that important message!

    • Send and receive SMS messages from your computer
    • Use your existing phone number
    • Syncs with your existing contacts
    • No plugins to install
    • Works on any computer
    • No signup required

    When you send a text message, it will instantly sync with your phone and be sent with your phone number! When you get a reply, it will instantly sync and appear in your browser!

    Step 1) Install TextJs on your phone and connect to Wi-Fi.
    Step 2) Type the address shown in the notification bar into your computer's web browser.
    Step 3) Start sending and receiving SMS messages from your computer!

    The following keyboard shortcuts are available for advanced users:

    • Ctrl J - View next thread
    • Ctrl K - View previous thread
    • Ctrl R - Reply to thread
    • Ctrl N - Compose new message
    • Ctrl Enter - Send reply / new message
    • Esc - Cancel reply / new message

    On Mac you can also use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

    Got an issue or some feedback? Send an email to We can't reply to your comments, but if you email us first we will do our best to help you out! We are in beta and are actively developing new features. If you have anything you desperately want, let us know!

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    This is a donate version of TextJs. You can download it for free here: If you like it, please buy this to donate :D

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