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    TextOnly Reader Pro's review

    Published: 2012-11-15, by Manu Galvez.

    TextOnly is a browser that only displays readable content from websites

    • Fast navigation
    • Strips out unwanted visual content (like ads)
    • Less data usage
    • Needs more options
    • Layout should be enhanced
    • We expected it even faster

    "Were you looking for real fast navigation?"

    First off, it should to be said that, although this may seem a RSS reader, it's not. Most of people will use it just for reading blogs and articles. However, it overtakes a RSS reader: this is a browser that doesn't load pictures in order to make reading easier and navigating much faster.

    TextOnly speeds up your daily reading of articles. Since it doesn't load any type of image, it strips out any intrusive content like ADS, CSS, sidebar or header. What's more, for those worried about data usage, it barely uses a few KB for each page.

    You can access webs by web URL , RSS or Twitter URL. Tweets, articles and post are listed in a simple scrollable format. You can bookmark websites or articles for an easy access.

    The main catch is that you can just "Go" to the URL or "Bookmark". There are no options like "Share", "Full Screen" "Downloads tab", "Data backup" and many other features that other browsers contain. The UI is simple and "enhanceable".

    Navigation is really fast, that's a fact. However, we expected it even faster since it displays just readable content. Anyway, it's a good choice for those who are always reading articles from newspapers or blogs. This is the browser for those who put fast navigation before scenery.

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    Emmanuel Appszoom logo

    by Emmanuel , Appszoom

    Nov 15, 2012


    TextOnly (Ads Free) is a browser/reader which reduces data usage by 80-90% by displaying only readable content from webpages.It strips unwanted content like ads,scripts,images etc.

    This is Ads free version of the popular TextOnly Browser which has been mentioned in topsites.(See below)

    NewYork Times - (Mentioned as one of the top 10 apps for 2011)

    TechCrunch (Top Tech blog)

    Wired (Top blog):

    1.Ease of reading articles on websites
    2.Strips out unwanted content like Ads,CSS,sidebar,header
    3.Reduces Data usage by 80-90%
    4.Multiple modes of reading(RSS/Links/Normal)
    5.Read TextOnly pages from Google searcg
    6.Supports more than 90% of websites except few
    7.Almost all sites with a good RSS feed are supported
    8.Articles would be listed in a simple format
    9.Now you can open any links on Twitter/Facebook/Any app using TextOnly
    9.Bookmarks to access sites easily.

    This app works on more than 90% of sites..Please email me or send me the feedback if the site your browsing is not compatible with my app before commenting here

    Video in Brazilian top site :

    To view the browser version of it,visit (This would work with any mobile browser_

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