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    Have you ever looked at a text message, only to realize that you have absolutely no idea what the cryptic code it is written in means? I myself have looked at the messages that my peers send to each other, and find myself scratching my head in frustration trying to decode them. To meet that end, I wrote TextSmart, a tool to make sure that you're not left out of the loop. A versatile and no-nonsense app, it will decode messages written in the teen texting language, Also, for those who feel left out of the loop by their inability to type texting language it is capable of the reverse, it can take user input and can translate normal writing into the texting code. I hope to update this app often, adding more terms to the translation dictionary and (hopefully coming soon) new features.
    Anyway. Don't be left out of the loop. Buy TextSmart. Figure out what you're kids are texting.

    -If you have any issues with this app, please refrain from writing negative reviews. Negative reviews are a bit discouraging. That said, I am open to criticism and suggestions, and feel free to shoot me an email with the conveniently located button at the bottom of the screen (to see it you'll have to hide the keyboard). While I cannot guarantee lightning-fast responses to every email, I will do my best to answer as many as possible in a timely and informal manner.

    -Please not that while I will do my best to keep the dictionary updated, it is without a doubt completely impossible to include every single term ,along with all their texting counterparts, in the dictionary. The texting abbreviations of more obscure words are often a matter of style. This app is designed to translate the more commonly used ones.

    -Again, please don't write bad reviews. Send me feedback by email instead (button to do so located at bottom of app screen).

    -The app shows that special permissions are required upon installation, but these are not currently used. Future versions may utilize these.

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