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    Keep your hard earned smartphone safe by using Thief tracker. If your mobile is lost/stolen, any failed attempt to unlock your mobile will trigger this app to take picture from front camera and send you an email without the user getting to know.

    Install, Activate and forget, you dont have to remember anything, no secret keywords, no username/passwords.

    A notification will be displayed in task bar whenever the app uploads pic to server or fails to upload.

    The notification email sometimes goes to Spam/Junk folder.

    1) A successful or unsuccessful attempt is considered only when 4 dots in the pattern are selected. selecting 2 or 3 dots in pattern during unlock will not be considered as failure by android system and the app will not be notified about it. Its been observed that many users try with only 2 or 3 dots and report that app is not working.
    2) The app will not know your password/pattern. App will only be notified by android system when there is a wrong attempt to unlock.
    3) The app does NOT wipe data or do any harmful stuff to your mobile. The permission given is only for getting unlock failure attempt, taking pic and uploading it to server.

    How to uninstall?
    To Uninstall, You need to disable admin privilege first. Go to Settings -> Location and Security -> Select Device Administrator and there uncheck "Thief Tracker" and select deactivate. After that you can uninstall from Settings -> Application menu. You Cannot uninstall from Google Play directly!

    Known Issue
    1. In some mobiles picture appears green or picture is not taken at all. Thats the limitation of mobile and we tried but cannot get it to work properly. We hope future firmware upgrade will solve those issues.

    Customer Feedback:

    "Lost my phone and found it within half an hour, my driver had taken it" - Hari

    "Top app My phone was stolen i received a photo of the thief and went round there house and got my phone back the look on there face was amazing" - Kevin

    "Best.. I liked... Good application.... Tryed.. Within few seconds u have a mail in ur inbox with pic of the person trying to unlock ur phone... Its really good..:-)" - ramms

    "I'm compelled I'm not used to rating apps but I feel so obliged to give both thumbs up for this one. Good job done" - Bob (Mr Bob.. Thank you)

    "Sugestion A good apps but after photo uploaded to server its notification should not be appear on screen because thief will deactivate it." - abuzar (We heard you and now you have an option to disable notification)

    "It works Its works a co worker try to unlock my phone and i got the email with her face picture" - Charlie

    "Good idea, but should work better It says it requires 3 failed attempts before taking a picture, but I want it to do it after each failed attempt" - Marcus (Thanks for the Idea. I felt that would be too irritating to get mails for every wrong attempt and people might end up ignoring mails. But will put it as option in next release.)

    "Useless Taking picture it is not sending to my email id. When I tried to uninstall, this useless app it is not uninstalling." - Pankaj (If it takes pic and uploads it to server, server will definitely send mail no matter what. Dont forget to check Spam folder. And regarding uninstallation, follow the procedure mentioned above. Its not a normal uninstallation as it needs device administrator privilege to detect unlock failure)

    And for all others who gave good rating with detailed review.. Thank you.

    If you have problem do mail us @ We cannot reply if you report your problem in the rating as we will not have your contact details to reply with a solution.


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