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    ★ Full Multimedia integration (using Dropbox integration)
    ★ Send Photo, location, Audio note, Songs to your friends.
    ★ Offline messaging - you can send messages even don't have internet, all messages will be sent when internet become available in device.
    ★ Send conversation via email.
    ★ User friendly chatting(conversation) view.
    ★ No additional fees, 100% free, it only uses your internet cell data connection or WiFi.
    ★ Threading View
    ★ Customize Notification text for more privacy.
    ★ Option to set Timer to close Private Facebook Chat application when idle.
    ★ Export / Import your private messages database. (even you can move from one device to other)
    ★ Instance customer support.

    Please email us if you have any question, instead of asking or explaining in comments.

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