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    Touch2dial is a “One-Touch-Dialing” application, gives the ability to make speed dial to a contact. you can change contact picture, load new group of contact (default is starred in android), change size of the text, change default picture for contact or for empty slot just enter to the menu there you will find all this option and more(look at the Setting explanation below).

    You can see recent contact or favorite by sliding (at the arrow zone) or pressing the arrow
    Touch2dial have set of widgets

    For any requests or issues please contact me via mail.

    Widget features:
    - Different size Widgets: 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 3x4 or 3x4R(Recent
    calls or Favorites .
    - One touch on the contact’s photo will direct dial its
    default phone number.
    on click action can be set to ask if to call or send sms
    or just dial, go to setting.
    - Widget’s background in different colors.
    Application features:
    - One touch on the contact’s photo will direct dial its
    default phone number.
    - A long press will also allow SMS.
    - Contact buttons’ size is adjustable (Small/Large).
    - Scroll through your contacts.
    - Background is your wallpaper.
    - Clock may be added at the top.
    - Switch the functionality between the click and long click
    when pressing on picture.
    - Switch from Recent Calls to Favorite by swipe left or
    right (only at the area of the arrows and about)or just
    by pressing on the arrows
    - Change Display contact Order by dragging it(press on edit
    in app menu).
    - Change text size.
    - Change click action
    At start Touch2dial load contacts from “starred in android” Group if it empty you can choose different group.
    Add contact:
    - Press on location with no associated contact
    (semi – transparent background) the setting activity will
    open, this activity will allow you to choose contact,
    number and picture (refer to picture: “setting activity”).
    - Press on "Choose contact” and select one of your contacts
    from the list, then the contact details will appear.
    - After choosing contact you can choose alternative picture.
    - If the contact member has more than one number, choose the
    one that will be used by pressing it.
    - Press the "save" button.
    Change display order, Edit contact, Switch picture, change contact you can do by :
    step 1: open touch2dial application.
    step 2: Enter to setting by pressing on the menu button of the phone.
    step 3. press on contact setting.
    step 4: press on the wonted contact person now you can edit the contact or change it picture or switch contact.
    step 5 press save and exit
    step 6 to change order of the contacts just long press and drag it to the new position or to trash.
    step 7 press again save and exit or just press on back button.
    Change Style (For Widget & Application):
    - Press on menu then press Widget setting button.
    Load group:
    - Press on menu then press group button.

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