Traditional Zhuyin Keyboard




    This is a Traditional Chinese Input Method (English & Zhuyin) for Android users. You can switch between English and Chinese input here.

    It supports English, Chinese ZhuYin input method.
    * Traditional Chinese (Zhuyin) vocabulary input method;
    * Chinese and English mixed input;
    * totally free for Android users;
    *simple to use and easy to control
    *suitable for Android mobiles and tablets

    1. Note: To be used on your Android device (Smart Phone or Tablet), this app must be enabled in "Settings"->"Language & keyboard settings".
    2. Set zhuyin input settings of tone/vibrate, default and search item items.
    3. In this way, we can choose this Traditional Zhuyin Keyboard in the process of writing something.
    4. We can long press in empty area in input box to select input method.
    5. When we typing, we can get English and traditional Chinese zhuyin here.
    6. Numbers and symbols could be fast available to us in this input method.
    7. If you enable the tone and vibrate, you can get them when you touch one zhuyin here.

    Come to download this unique input method here. you can easily type traditional Chinese with the help of zhuyin.
    If you have any issues or concerns with this app, please send me an email and I will find a solution for this problem! Thanks! :)

    Zhuyin fuhao (literally "phonetic symbols"), often abbreviated as zhuyin and colloquially called bopomofo can be a phonetic system for transcribing Chinese, especially Mandarin. It was introduced in the 1910s.
    Consisting of 37 characters and four tone marks, it could transcribe all possible sounds in Mandarin. Although phased out in People's Republic of China in the 1950s, this system could be still widely used as an educational tool and Chinese computer input method in Taiwan.

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