TruthLocker is the first SEAT BELT FOR A CELL PHONE. It creates hope and a shift power by saving everything sent and received by text and social media. When the need arises make someone leave you alone you have truth to make them stop. TruthLocker allows you to delete messages, photos, Facebook, Tweets and Instagram, but keeps them locked away privately until you need them. TruthLocker saves all your messages automatically every month for FREE. If drama starts and you need a permanent record, easily upgrade to $19.99/year and you'll have a way to make an aggressive person stop. TruthLocker gives you hope and power where bullies, stalkers, horrible bosses and crazy ex's had the advantage. There is good reason 49 States have anti-bullying laws, modern communication makes it easy to be mean and get away with it. MAKE YOUR PHONE A NO BULLY ZONE today with TruthLocker.
    What can TruthLocker do?
    - Instantly archives all texts, photos, Facebook, Tweets and Instagram sent and received
    - Records when a text was sent and who it was sent to or received from
    - Searches thousands of messages in seconds for keywords
    - Protects your messages with a password and secret question
    - Offers emailing and printing from your account if needed
    - Provides daily, weekly and monthly graphs to illustrate texting trends
    - Captures deleted texts
    - Legally protects the way a conversation happened (individual entries cannot be deleted)
    - Allows complete deletion of the entire account, if necessary
    - Sends you text reminders when the system is going to delete the previous month

    In the U.S. every 30 minutes a young person takes their life as a direct result of bullying, don't be the one without hope, if you become a target download Truthlocker with these easy steps:

    1) Download to your phone from Google Play.
    2) Activate your phone by filling in required fields
    3) Check your phone for a text to validate your account
    4) Login and view all your messages currently stored in your message logs and all texts going forward
    5) Add your Facebook and Twitter by inputting your username and password for each
    6) To avoid monthly recycling and save messages permanently enter your payment information

    Archiving creates accountability in the world of texting and having the proof will help prevent you or a friend from being cyber-bullied. An archive maintenance fee of $19.99/YEAR is required to maintain unlimited, secure, permanent storage of all text, photo and social media messages.

    DISCLAIMER: TruthLocker will cooperate with victims of illegal monitoring and assist authorities in prosecuting the perpetrator if our app was used. To learn more about the archiving app founded in trust, please visit and refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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