Tweet Out Loud Pro

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    Tweet easily from the cell's home with this widget. Just with your voice.
    You can attach pictures from gallery, or take them with the camera.
    You can enable/disable geolocation just by tapping on an icon.
    There's a keyboard to type too, with url shortener.

    It is possible to send direct messages (DMs) to your followers, and it keeps a contact agenda.

    Use this widget to tweet quickly without using the keyboard, but a couple of taps. When you are in the street, sporting, you won't have to stop anymore.

    You've never twittered so easily before.

    - This widget doesn't drain your battery, since it doesn't have updates.

    -It doesn't uses more resources when geolocation is on, since it uses the last known position in the handset before sending the tweet.

    - If you need an accurate geolocation, as when you are blogging a route, you should enabble GPS on your handset, and maybe, open a GPS program (Google maps will do) for some minutes before you start your route. Then, having you GPS enabled uses to be enough.