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    My dear friends,are you looking for a delicate and nice screen lock?
    If you really are,then maybe this screen lock is just what you need.
    And it is very easy to operate.
    Lock and unlock your phone screen right now.

    The reasons why I recommend it to you is as followings:

    1.It has good user interface.
    The background of the main user interface is a pair of intimate lovers.
    They are prepared to kiss sweetly.
    In the middle of the main interface,there is a red heart.
    Press the red heart and four icons in every corner will appear.

    2.There are several shortcuts on the main interface.
    As mentioned above,the four icons are actually shortcuts.
    Click the red heart to any one of them to unlock the screen but go to different program interface.
    The four shortcuts include Home,Camera,Phone and Message.

    3.It has sound and vibration reminder.
    You could select one of reminder or both of them according to your need.
    For example,if you are attending an important meeting,you could close both of the reminder,no matter ringtone or vibration.
    But if you are at home,that is,a relaxing place,you could open both of them.
    So when you have unlocked the screen,it will remind you.

    4.You could select full screen or expand status bar as you like.
    Full screen has better visual effect.But if the status bar is able to expand,it will bring much convenience for you.
    For example,you have received a new message,you could expand the status bar and give it a quick view.

    5.You could also unlock the screen by the Shortcut key.
    Here the Shortcut key refers to "Find " button.The screen could also be unlocked if you long press the Find button.

    Action speaks louder that words.
    Experience the screen lock right now.

    Like it,please share it with your friends.
    Have a good time

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