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    V4M e-phone is a premium Mobile and Desktop VoIP service and client(application) provider for Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Save 30% or more on normal mobile calls and save 70% and more on international calls. Call to the UK from only 64c(ZAR) p/min. For only R19/month (ZAR currency), calls between Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows are FREE. There is a Pay-as-you-Go option as well.

    To be able to use e-phone, you need to sign-up for an account. Go to or (mobile site) to see more.

    With e-phone, you can use the power of your smartphone, PC, Tablet or Notebook together with the Internet to make cheap calls, anywhere, to anyone, at any time, from your Smartphone, PC, Notebook or Tablet, at a fraction of the normal costs!

    Main features:
    * Making and receiving VoIP calls
    * Connectivity through WiFi/3G/Edge
    * Send/Receive SMS's
    * Instant Messaging
    * Integrates with google messenger
    * Integrates with phone's contacts list
    * Loudspeaker
    * Onscreen balance information
    * Call cost information
    * Destination, rate
    * Time, call status logs
    * Last calls log
    * Redial
    * Support for codecs G729, G722, GSM, G711 and AMR
    * Compatible with most versions of Android
    * VoiceMail functionality (new voicemail, unheard voicemails, voicemail management )
    * Callback functionality (the selected numbers will be connected via cellular calls)

    What you need to use e-phone:

    A registered e-phone account
    You need an e-phone account.Register at to one of our affordable plans(from R19/month). Prepaid option as well.

    Internet Access
    Internet- ADSL, Wi-Fi, 3G are supported. We are 4G-ready as well.

    Data Bundles(2G, 3G, 4G)
    You need internet data available on your Sim Card if you use 3G. It is best advised to use data bundles and NOT airtime for internet and e-phone. Using airtime for internet data is expensive. Roaming charges do not apply, since e-phone uses the internet to make calls.

    How Does e-phone integrate with my current Service Provider?

    No, you don't need a Sim Card, and your current mobile number will not change. You still use your current service provider (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Orange, Vodafone etc.). e-phone is just an application you install on your phone that uses internet data (3G, WiFi, ADSL) as you would with internet surfing. The big difference is that you do NOT need to buy airtime or top-up with your regular service provider to make/receive Calls and SMS's. You just need a data bundle/internet data(3G) or access to WiFi/ADSL, and you can make ALL your calls and SMS's with e-phone, and in doing so, you will save big on your cellphone bills!

    Moreover, e-phone completely integrates with your phone and mobile number. When you make e-phone calls, your regular number (current mobile number) will display as your caller ID, so all your contacts will recognize you when you call them from e-phone, even if they don't have e-phone. e-phone also integrates with your phone's address book/contact list, so no need to migrate phone numbers!

    You can do the following with e-phone:

    Call/SMS from the e-phone app to any cellphone number. This is called Ex-Community(e-phone to other numbers).
    Call/SMS/Chat(IM) from smartphone to smartphone/desktop/tablet. This is called In-Community. (e-phone to e-phone). On all our packages,excluding Pay-As-You-Go, this is FREE (Calls, Chat and SMS).
    Note that In-Community(e-phone to e-phone) only applies when there is a connection between any two e-phone numbers. e-phone number=SIP number

    Join the communication platform of the future, and save!

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