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    AudioCodes VMAS™ is a Mobile VoIP Solution from AudioCodes comprised of a Client Management System (CMS) and a variety of Mobile Soft Clients for leading Mobile Operating Systems and Smartphones. The solution is designed for deployment by service providers to their customers.

    VMAS Client provides high quality Voice over IP calls via existing mobile phones (using WiFi and cellular data). This enhances standard GSM Mobile Networks by taking advantage of widespread data connectivity available today via WiFi hotspots and cellular data networks.

    NOTE: Service providers, please contact AudioCodes representative at for more information and activation of the client.

    End-User Features

    • Simple and Intuitive UI – enabling rapid access and maintaining a familiar user interface for common users
    • Data Connectivity - VMAS Clients use the mobile phone’s existing data connectivity options (WiFi/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA) to connect to a Service Provider operating a SIP-based network
    • Existing Address Book - Clients use the mobile device’s existing contacts - no modification or duplication of contacts is needed
    • Cellular Operation Interception - Automatically intercepts cellular calls and SMS text messages and diverts them into the SIP network, when it is available
    • Call Logs - VMAS Clients support their own Call Logs to display information regarding dialed, missed and received calls
    • Presence - Displays presence information of registered clients in Address Book

    Service Provider Benefits

    NGN Service Providers can expand their current offering from the traditional, wireline Voice over Broadband services to mobile handsets, allowing them to evolve into Mobile IP Providers.

    Mobile Service Providers can increase the use of their network by roaming users, utilizing public WiFi networks, saving international termination costs.

    • Efficient Distribution - Enabling efficient distribution of the clients to the relevant mobile handsets
    • Interoperability - Wide interoperability with all major SIP Softwitches, gateways and clients
    • Flexible Branding - VMAS offers the possibility to brand the application according to the Service Provider’s needs, including pre-configuring and shipping the mobile device ready for use Flexible Provisioning - Ability to pre-configure and lock the Service Provider’s configuration, thereby eliminating risk of possible customer fraud
    • Device - Independent - The VMAS Client is a stand-alone application - it cannot be blocked or disabled by the phone manufacturer
    • Platform - Independent - Available on leading mobile devices and operating systems


    Be aware that some mobile network operators prohibit or restrict the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over their network. They may prohibit the use of VoIP over their network or impose additional fees and/or charges when using VoIP over their network. By using AudioCode VMAS™ for Android over 3G, you agree to familiarize yourself with and abide by any restrictions your cellular carrier imposes and agree that AudioCodes will not be held liable for any charges, fees or liability imposed by your carrier for using AudioCode VMAS™ for Android over their 3G network.

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