Vocal Slides II - Autism

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    Vocal Slides II allows you to associate images to a voice recording.

    This application is the Remake and Paid Version of VocalSlides.
    The original design has been optimized to be compatible with Android
    versions above 1.6 such as ICS 4.0.3.
    In addition, some features have been improved.
    This release introduces the ability to import and export projects.
    This is to facilitate the backup and sharing these among users.
    In addition, we have added the ability to use Text To Speech.

    What is VocalSlides II?

    VocalSlides II allows you to create libraries of images with the ability to be displayed sequentially to which it is possible to combine a voice message.

    VocalSlides II is an application born from the idea of a parent whose son suffers of autism.
    This application does NOT cure autism, but has the precise aim of creating between father and son game enough to entice a child to communicate.

    The ingredients that are the basis of the game are:

    1. The child shows an interest in this "strange toy" that the father uses every day and when it happens that the father is talking on the phone, the child perceives that something happens;

    2. The father is the leading figure for the child, is his model to get ahead in life and the world around him uncommunicative;

    3. Have a program to this "father's strange toy" that the child can use together with him and that has characteristics similar to VocalSlides II.

    The task of VocalSlides II is to have a tool that allows the child to associate images of objects in your daily life and recognizable in their own environment, with recorded sounds or words.

    What is autism?

    Autism is a developmental disorder of an individual.
    It is, unfortunately, characterized by a strong gap in social communication.
    The repetitive behavior and little interest in what surrounds it are the most obvious features.

    Can I use VocalSlides II for other purposes?

    You can use VocalSlides II as you like and we hope that you find it useful.

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