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    Small talk is meant to be cheap, easy—and off the record.

    Wavelet is a multi-user, anonymous/pseudonymous, localized and ephemeral messaging app/microblogging for Android.

    And yes, we're the first to admit that it's quite a mouthful for something that's about making online chitchat as simple and straightforward as it is in real life.

    Do I really need another social networking/messaging app?

    Good question. The answer is, of course, no.

    You don't need another app that pretends to provide you with a commodity when its actual goal is to harvest as much data as possible and file you in a well-adjusted marketing segment, while keeping records of your every move, words, and data.

    What you may need however — particularly as the major social networks are making increasingly aggressive moves against your privacy—is a different kind of social messaging app.

    Had enough IDs, profiles and pseudofriends already?

    If you think "I agree" in response to (at least) one of the following propositions, then we reckon you will find some use for Wavelet:

    -'Traditional' social networking is sometimes too concerned with formalities, distance, and memory (AKA persistence of data).
    -Social networking can also be useful in your immediate vicinity and without all of the bother around logging in and maintaining a user account.
    -Most of what you say or do on a social network doesn't need to be set in stone. With Wavelet, just hop on, shout out, hop off, and forget about it.
    -Must we really have to "get an ID" or hit a login form that yells "Identify yourself" every time we simply want to interact with people around us?—Transpose that to real life, and ask yourself: am I joining a social network or a correction camp?

    Main features, Wavelet in a nutshell

    -No login, no password, no user account. No "Identify yourself, or else..."
    -Pseudonymous or anonymous, you decide. You can even use your real name if you like — however, superstars and overinflated egos be advised: we do not 'verify' users here.
    -No records: all posts erased in 72 hours.
    -Geographically defined thread conversations: converse with people nearby, far, farther, farther still, or worldwide.
    -You decide whether to display your location — that is to say, the location you are (or were), when you post the message. Wavelet doesn't 'follow' you, but attaches location data to each message — again, only if you decide so.
    -Post text messages of any length: fowls tweet, humans discuss—that's the difference between both species1.
    -Attach pictures to your posts, by snapping them direct from the camera or selecting them from your phone's image gallery.
    -Go beyond text, and attach sound bites that you record on the spot ("Walkie-Talkie" functionality).

    That and the feathers, of course. Wavelet is ideal for use:

    -in public transportation or within clusters of private transportation devices,
    -at concerts, fairs and conventions,
    -in class or on campus,
    -during meetings and conferences,
    -in bars and clubs,
    -for posting dating and personal ads,
    -... and many other uses that we haven't even thought of yet (but expect you will).

    Wavelet is free, and works on Android devices version 1.6 and higher.

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