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    ** The old WhatsApp Shadow Beta now called WhatShadow **

    Remember that you can try first the 7-day trial version at

    Now available the application that would love to have the Invisible Man!
    Do you have a friend who gets angry heavy if you go online to WhatsApp and not you answer? Want to read your WhatsApp messages without nobody knowing it? It's annoying that people control you by your WhatsApp's state?
    No bones about it, become you invisible with WhatShadow. This application lets you read your WhatsApp messages but nobody see you've connected. Enter WhatsApp, read messages, answer them... totally invisible.
    With WhatShadow you can access to WhatsApp in stealth mode immediately and switch between visible-invisible state from within WhatsApp with our integrated icon. Could not be easier.

    ** HOW DOES IT WORK? **
    To ensure that your status is not updated, WhatShadow disables your wifi and data connections, but only while you are inside WhatsApp. So while you are invisible, messages are not sended or received. When you go outside from WhatsApp, your wifi and data connections are turned back on again, and messeges are sended and received.
    When the icon is red, it means you are in hidden state. When you put it in green, you become visible.
    Also available a button to refresh, so you can send and receive pending messages without displaying you are connected.

    NOTE ABOUT UPDATING IMAGES, AUDIOS AND VIDEOS: In order to update images, audios and videos (keeping you on hidden status), you must configure something in WhatsApp Messenger. To do it, go to the main menu of WhatsApp Messenger, and select the option "Settings -> Chat settings -> Automatic multimedia download". Choose the elements image, audio and video, in both "Connected to mobile data" and "Connected to Wi-fi" options. This allow you to download images, audios and videos when using the option "refresh" of WhatShadow.

    NOTE: WhatShadow may not work properly in some devices with Dual Sim.

    For any question about its use, please contact us at:

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