Find out who is gonna call you and when!!
    WhenWho is the first mobile app that predicts your forthcoming calls using a lightweight but performant predictive model.

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    As most mobile users we found call logs apps very interesting as it gives users a pretty clear overview of their last call activities. But, as statisticians we were taught to dig further the data to predict the future. Our researches have shown that a large part of calls activities are periodic and very predictable. So, we are exited to present you WhenWho, our first predictive app to bring intelligence in everyday apps.
    WhenWho is the next revolution in mobile predictive analytics. It gives you a clear insight of your upcoming call activities. WhenWho helps you discovering the hidden patterns behind your incoming and outgoing call. WhenWho helps you responding to the following questions (and even more):
    Who is gonna call you in the upcoming period
    What are the odds that a given contact calls you now
    When will be the next call of a given contact
    How often a contact calls you
    Who should have called you by now (calls in retard when compared to normal frequency)

    WhenWho responds to those questions and generate predictions for calls in both ways:
    -Incoming calls : to bring you all the knowledge you need about your future incoming calls which gives you the control and limits the element of surprise
    -Outgoing calls : to give you an incredible insight of your call activity and habits.
    If you are indifferent about who is calling who you can analyse data using the conversation menu.

    WhenWho is an accurate predictive application. Meanwhile, it has a small foot print and all the processing is easily handled by any mobile phone.

    WhenWho uses the data that is already in your android call logs. Consequently, WhenWho doesn't need too much space to save data. In fact, no calls are saved by the app, just the predictions to present to you are saved. Even then you have all the control over the reports that are shown to you and you can erase from your phone any contact that you don't want to analyse.

    This version of WhenWho is ad-supported so that our team can invest more time on responding to your requests about future enhancements.

    We are a bunch of PhD student who want to share their expertise in predictive analytics, so we decided that ads are not required and we made Whenwho usable even when there are no Internet connection to display ads. Moreover, to avoid annoying and aggressive ads, we even give you the control over the advertising process in the settings menu.

    If you are satisfied with WhenWho, you can easily migrate towards the paid app which gives you more accurate predictions, great performances and is obviously ad-free. The paid version will be released soon after a final test and improvement phase.

    Special request:
    Your remarks, critics and improvement requests are strongly encouraged. Our objective is to make you everyday apps more usable, intelligent and friendly. We will be more than happy with your proposals.

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