Wi-Fi Switcher




    This application is a widget which enables the ON/OFF change of Wi-Fi by one-touch.

    【Use procedure】
    1. Creation of a widget.
    1-1. Application list screen is opened.
    1-2. The widget tag of the upper part of screen is chosen, and a widget list screen is displayed.
    1-3. A "Wi-Fi switcher" is chosen from widget list.

    2. The ON/OFF change of Wi-Fi
    2-1. Carry out the tap of the created widget.

    【Functional essential points】
    1. The ON/OFF change function of Wi-Fi
    1-1. By carrying out the tap of the widget created on the home screen, the ON/OFF change of Wi-Fi is possible.

    2. Renewal of the widget picture united with the state of Wi-Fi
    2-1. According to the state of Wi-Fi, the color of the electric wave portion of a widget changes as follows.
    ・ At the time of Wi-Fi OFF: White (a tap is possible)
    ・ At the time of Wi-Fi Standby: Thin yellow (a tap is impossible)
    ・ At the time of during Wi-Fi spot search (Wi-Fi setting ON + Wi-Fi un-connecting) : Yellowish green + magnifying glass (a tap is possible)
    ・ At the time of Wi-Fi connection(Wi-Fi setting ON + Wi-Fi connecting): Yellowish green (a tap is possible)

    【The notes on use】
    1. Please confirm from a setup of each terminal about a setup (security, password) of Wi-Fi.
    2. Depending on the telecommunications service operator and terminal kind of which ? contract is done, it may not operate normally.

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