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    Published: 2011-09-07, by .

    WIZ Messenger allows you to send text and multimedia messages to WIZ and non-WIZ users

    • User-friendly UI
    • SMS/MMS messaging integration
    • Free messages, multimedia attachments
    • Group chat
    • It depends on the amount of users that join the app

    "Free messages and SMS/MMS, all-in-one"

    First of all, let's explain how it works. WIZ Messenger allows you to send free text messages with multimedia attachments to other WIZ Users. In case the contact your want to send a message doesn't have WIZ Messenger, it will be sent as SMS or MMS depending on if there are attachments or not (and the consistent carrier rate). What it does is integrating your SMS/MMS inbox into this application. This way you won't have to switch from your "free messaging app" to the messages inbox. It's all-in-one. By this way, WIZ Messenger aims to become your only (or at least your main) messaging app. It makes your life easier.

    First time you launch the app it tracks your phonebook and make a list of WIZ users and non-WIZ users. All your contacts will be automatically integrated into the app. It will notify you when your contacts start using WIZ.

    You can send both text and multimedia messages (free or paid) to one or more recipients. You can also update your WIZ status, create chat groups, block list, hide phone number for group chats, add new contacts and many more options just by a few taps.

    The UI is good-looking and user-friendly: set in a white and green background with clear tabs on the bottom, and lots of options that you can perform just with one tap. Easy to get the hang of it.

    WIZ Messenger has been developed by Dynmark International Ltd., an emerging developer who has done a great job with this app.

    Its strongest point is the integration of the default SMS/MMS messaging feature into the app as well as its UI. Its weakness lies in that it will be successful when the most of your contacts are already using it. Solve that by inviting! Recommendable.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Sep 07, 2011


    WIZ Messenger is your total messaging solution!

    One app for:
    • Free IP Messaging
    • Free group messaging
    • SMS messaging (Charged at your standard network rate)
    • One inbox for all

    Why not download and try it today for FREE. WIZ Messenger allows you to send text and multimedia messages for FREE to other WIZ Messenger users anywhere in the world! You can even use it to send SMS’s to non-WIZ users. WIZ Messenger uses your 3G data or Wi-Fi (when available) to send your messages.

    FREE – Unlimited and free internet messaging to any other WIZ Messenger user, anywhere in the world, on any carrier.

    SMS – Continue to send and receive SMS’s with your non WIZ contacts using your existing mobile network pricing plan.

    Check out just some of our fab features!
    • Work from one messaging inbox! You can send messages to all of your contacts from your WIZ Messenger App! Unlike other messaging Apps with WIZ you can still send SMS to anyone within your phonebook even if they don’t have WIZ. Working from one messaging inbox makes life easier for you.

    • WIZ copies all your existing messages from your SMS inbox over to WIZ Messenger, allowing you to use WIZ for all your messaging needs immediately.

    • If your recipient doesn’t have the WIZ Messenger the message will be automatically sent via SMS. If the message contains rich content or attachments then a unique short web link will be sent via SMS that will allow the user to see the rich message via a web page. All for the cost of a standard SMS!

    • Send rich messaging with attachments to one or more recipients simultaneously; replies will only be sent to you.

    • The WIZ System has been designed to ensure that if you send a message to another active WIZ user it will be delivered!

    • You can decide to share your online presence status with other WIZ users, letting them know if you are available.

    • WIZ makes getting started easy by allowing you to address your messages using your existing phone book and phone numbers. Your phone book will automatically be cross checked to let you know who of your friends and family are already using WIZ, and as you go about your usual messaging WIZ will detect when your contacts have started to use WIZ and let you know.

    The convenience of chatting to more than one of your friends and family at once is now possible via WIZ Messaging without the need for a separate instant messaging App. WIZ allows chat groups to be formed between WIZ users where everyone in the chat group will see each other’s messages. Chat groups can evolve as the conversation does, as any participant may invite new people and participants can leave, all without the fear of your phone number being revealed to chat participants you do not know. Chats do not have a defined lifetime, they can continue as long as they are required. – Perfect for organising events!

    Some Security Benefits

    WIZ has been designed to protect your privacy by default. Multitudes of privacy features have been built in to ensure you are in control of what is shared and to whom. Some of the key privacy features are:
    • Online presence status only shared with selected contacts
    • Read receipts can be restricted to selected contacts
    • Phone number and other private data not shared without consent
    • Group chats do not reveal your contact data
    • All messaging data sent encrypted

    To ensure you can maintain your privacy the privilege to share presence status information may be revoked by either party without notifying them, and you may opt to appear offline, or busy if you do not want others knowing your status without removing the privileges permanently.

    What are you waiting for? Download WIZ Messenger today!

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