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    Woowos Messenger is the first messaging application that lets you have total control over the information that you send. The application allows you to delete the messages that you have sent directly from the remote device. It also allows you to send encrypted messages by password to other Woowos Messenger users, so nobody will able to intercept neither read it.

    Woowos Messenger is available on iPhone and iPad and allows you to send messages and photos without any cost. If you choose the wrong person to write a message it doesn’t matter, you only need to delete it from the remote device and, by this way, and the receiver won’t able to read it.

    Woowos is the best solution to have a absolute control about privacy of your conversations!!


    * YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE OWNER OF YOUR MESSAGES: if you don’t like that someone record your conversations on the phone, why should someone keep your message? With Woowos Messenger your information is always safe, so you will able to delete it from the receiver device at any time.

    * SECURE MESSAGES FOR BUSINESS AND RELATIONSHIPS: have you ever wanted to send confidential information by other message application but you felt unsafe? With Woowos Messenger you are safe because you can encrypt messages with a code that only the receiver knows. This utility can also use for relationships, not just for work.

    * MESSAGES WITH SELF-DESTRUCTION: Set a predetermined time and your messages or images are automatically deleted from the target device.

    * GROUP CHAT: Chat with your contacts in group conversations. Add or remove group participants, change the subject and put a group icon.

    * THE WOOWIES (SPECIAL EMOTICONS) INFORM YOU: Woowos Messenger offers you 4 Woowies, and each one informs you about one different fact.

    · The POSTMAN: your message has reached the destination.
    · The SPY: your message is correctly decrypted by the receiver with code that had been agreed with you.
    · The PRISONER: you have been able to delete your message from the phone receiver, but the receiver had been able to read it.
    · The THIEF has sent a message to the destination but it has been deleted before the RECEIVER had could read it.

    * SEND PRESET MESSAGES: Create predefined messages to answer without writing, like "I'm in the car", "at meeting", "I'll call you later", etc.

    * SHARE IMAGES THAT WILL ALWAYS BE YOURS: you can send messages and also messages from the device’s camera and from the camera roll, and you can send it safely and encrypted, and also you will able to delete from the receiver device.

    * PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: even if you have the phone with the screen off or with disabled synchronization of your phone, the system will allow you arrive Push all messages of Woowos Messenger! This will allow you to always have instant communication and consume less battery.

    * QUERY WITHOUT CONNECTION: with Woowos Messenger you can see your conversations in spite of the fact you haven’t Internet connection.

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