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    Note: Xperia with Android 8.0 or higher is not supported

    Xperia Link basic features
    With Xperia Link, your Xperia device or SONY VAIO PC can connect to the Internet by using the tethering function of the other Xperia device. You can turn the tethering function on and off remotely from your Xperia device or SONY VAIO PC. You can even connect to the Internet using this connection when you are out and about, with your Xperia phone in a pocket or bag, and no Wi-Fi is available. Note that Bluetooth always must be on during use.

    Features between Xperia devices
    Receive call notifications and text messages:
    On your Xperia device (excluding Xperia Tablet S), you can receive call notifications and view your Xperia phone’s text messages. While connected via Xperia Link, you will not miss a phone call or text message even if your phone is in your pocket or bag. You can also reply to text messages you have received on your phone, directly from the bigger screen of your Xperia tablet.

    Transfer notifications:
    The notification received on the server side of Xperia (a device in Share mode) can be transferred to the client side of Xperia (a device in Use mode). Therefore, on the client side, you can check the notifications received on the server side. (Supported only by Xperia device with Android 4.3 or higher)

    Switch between the server (Share mode) and the client (Use mode):
    Xperia Link can be used between Xperia phones or between Xperia tablets. This will allow you to use Xperia Link and connect your Xperia devices easily if you renewed or purchased another Xperia device.

    Features of Xperia Link for tablet
    Screen mirroring:
    You can also view and control your Xperia phone from your Xperia tablet by using Screen mirroring even when you are not holding your phone in your hand. (Supported only by Xperia Z2 phones (Xperia Z2 or later) and Xperia tablets (Xperia Z2 tablet or later) with Android 5.0 or higher)

    More information
    Please install the latest version of Xperia Link to both devices from this page.
    - Your phone and data plan must support the use of tethering.
    - You may incur additional charges for tethering depending on your data plan.
    - To share mobile connection over Bluetooth, both Xperia devices must support Bluetooth tethering.

    Supported phones: Xperia with Android 4.1 or higher

    Supported tablets: Xperia tablets with Android 4.1 or higher

    Supported computers: SONY VAIO PCs with Windows 7 or higher

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