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    It works on Zabbix-1.8.x, 2.0.x and 2.2.x.

    Z4X Agentd is the Zabbix Agentd for Android OS. But, it has not a complete clone, i.e. lesser version. Because, Android mobile machine does not always have fixed IP Address. So, it is difficult to contact from the server.
    However, Z4X Agentd can send many information as same as Linux. In addition, GPS location and battery information are able to be sent.
    Other primary poits are following.
    1. It can send data by split.
    2. It can stop to send the data temporary but data are stored.
    They are designed for mobile environment.

    Configuration Items
    Hostname : is the hostname which you registered to Zabbix server.
    Zabbix Server : You can set plural servers with , delimilates. Z4X Agentd search the server from left side, but do not send to all servers.
    Stop Data Send : the function which stop to send data demporary.
    GPS Service : the function of GPS tracking.
    Network Interface : You cat list the network interfaces with , delimilate. Wifi interface is eht0 (2.2) or wlan0 (4.2). 3G networking is rmnet0 (2.2) Other is lo and etc. See /proc/net/dev on your Android.
    Send Data Level : You can set the volume of send data. The details are in follwo.
    Split Data Send : the function which data are split. This is available in the situation that large data are declined, then "returning string error. Suggest to send split data." are printed in the Android Log.
    Split Data Size : You can set the size which data are split. This is affected on the upper "Split Data Send" is on.

    Please see about "Send Data Level".
    It is belonging to Linux Agentd Items but Android Original. And you need to set "Zabbix Agent(Active)" to each items. Since version 1.7, the template file is attached. Please use it.

    Send Data Level Sending Item
    = Low =
    cpu.freq INT (CPU Frequency Hz)
    gps.position TEXT (longitude,latitude,Altitude)
    battery.level FLOAT (%)

    = Middle =[#if#,byes] FLOAT (#if# is interface name you set in setting menu)
    net.if.out[#if#,byes] FLOAT (same upper)
    system.cpu.load[,avg1] FLOAT
    system.cpu.load[,avg5] FLOAT
    system.cpu.load[,avg15] FLOAT
    proc.num[] INT
    vm.memory.size[cached] INT
    vm.memory.size[free] INT
    vm.memory.size[shared] INT
    vm.memory.size[buffers] INT
    vm.memory.size[total] INT

    = High =
    system.boottime INT
    system.localtime INT
    system.uptime INT
    system.uname TEXT
    vfs.fs.size[#dir#,free] INT (#dir# is 3 types of /system, /data, /sdcard)
    vfs.fs.size[[#dir#,pfree] INT (same upper)
    vfs.fs.size[[#dir#,total] INT (same upper)
    vfs.fs.size[[#dir#,used] INT (same upper)
    vfs.fs.size[[#dir#,pused] INT (same upper)
    kernel.maxfiles INT
    kernel.maxproc INT

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