100 Animals Megamix

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    Animals Megamix is ultimate collection of 100 animals from all over the world. It will help your kids to learn the animal world. A fun application for ages of 3-5 years, will teach to recognize animals and their voices.
    All the animals are introduced by:
    -high resolution picture,
    -pronounced animal name,
    -pronounced the area of population,
    -animal's voice (most of the animals has one)
    This is probably the most valuable "animals for toddlers" app on the market.
    Pictures of animals are in high resolution and quality.
    Animal names are pronounced by a professional speaker.
    Slide left-right from full screen view to see next picture.

    Pictures fit all display sizes and will look great on tablets too, including latest Android platforms.

    Licensing and Credits:
    The audio media is licensed as follows:
    - all animals voices are public domain and can be freely used and redistributed;
    - all speech media is allowed for use only in this application, copying and redistributing is not allowed.
    The images are licensed according to the next list, please review it if you like to use the images outside this application.
    Every image has link to the source of it's own license and credits to the owner/creator.
    To see it, please use from application menu button -> About and read and tap on links to see original file source & license details.

    Thanks for using my apps.

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