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    If you practice hard, you can excel !! QVprep for grade 10 provides you hundreds of math and english problems with detailed answer explanations so that you can create a strong learning foundation.

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    QVprep 10th grade Quantitative Maths Verbal English Ability Practice Test prep for tenth grade 10 math vocab quiz common core standard

    QVprep 10 for tenth grade helps students to practice, learn and improve their knowledge in maths and english. The app has hundreds of multiple choice questions with answers in 20 practice tests on quantitative (maths) and verbal (english) ability. This app is ideal to not only improve grades in school but also to prepare for SATs.

    Verbal (english) ability practice tests are on tenth grade level verbal analogy and analogies, antonyms, synonyms, reading comprehension, vocabulary and word meanings.

    Quantitative (maths) ability practice tests are on grade 10 level maths covering exponents, square roots, problem solving, algebra, equations, geometry, number sequence, inequalities, linear functions, non linear functions, linear equations, nonlinear equations, solving equations, quadratic equations, factorization, variables and equations, monomials and polynomials, parabola, circle, permutations, combinations, statistics, probability, algebra II, square root, coordinate geometry.

    The QVprep grade 10 app has ten practice tests each in quantitative and verbal ability. Each practice test has around 50 multiple choice questions. If you answer a question wrong, the correct answer with detailed explanation is displayed so that you can learn where you went wrong. App displays your score when you complete a practice test. App allows you to post score on your Facebook page or Twitter account.

    By using QVprep, you can practice and learn at your own pace. Developed with a tenet that “practice makes a man perfect”, QVprep for grade 10 is an app that will prepare the student for SATs and future college admission, right when they are in high school.

    This app is for students in tenth grade or grade 10. The app enables you to perfect your maths and english skills on the go on your android smart phone and tablet.

    PJP Consulting LLC
    * Our mission is to develop educational apps for every subject, every country, every school and college so that today's modern technology like smart phones and tablets is used for education and learning of school, college and academic curriculum.
    * This app is ideal for accelerated learning
    * Improve your verbal reasoning and math fundamentals
    * Attempt questions and quiz that pose challenge in a test prep environment
    * With no games, this tutor on mathematics and english reading presents challenging questions in a workbook / worksheet format
    * Ideal for testing, learning, training, and tutoring for kids

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