123 Math Balloons Lite




    123 Math Balloons Lite is a limited version of 123 Math Balloons, try the addition and subtraction math questions. 14 questions included in this lite version, full version includes 110 questions. Complete all addition or subtraction questions and see your score.

    The Full Version
    123 Math Balloons is a fun educational math game to help your child learn basic addition and subtraction from 0 to 10. With 110 addition and subtraction questions, 123 Math Balloons will help fast track your child's understanding of math.
    Kid tested and kid approved!

    Highlights include:
    Large numbers with audio to support each math question
    55 addition and 65 subtraction questions
    Complete all addition or subtraction questions and see your score
    Colorful creative graphics
    Each question has a hint option
    Fun young voice to keep kids interested

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