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    ABC Phonics & Images for kids

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    Kids Learn Play ABC with Pictures and Phonics
    ABC game is a fun way for kids to understand alphabets with phonics and pictures. Preschoolers enjoy these games for finding/matching alphabets and Pictures.

    There is Lite version of ABC Games , where only alphabets till "J" are enabled. We recommend before purchasing please try our Lite version of ABC Games (located at ), If you like our lite version of ABC games , then purchase full app.

    ABC game is intended for
    Kids aged between 2-6 years, “ABC game” teaches alphabets, so kids associate alphabets with sound and photos.

    This ABC game has the following four children oriented sections:-
    1. Learn ABC with Phonics and Pictures
    2. Find letter from a group of letters
    3. Match similar alphabets from a grid of alphabets
    4. Associate letter with pictures
    All activities of this app (“ABC game”) come with a hint, so that kids feel it easy and interesting.

    ABC game's features
    1. Human voice for phonics is used in ABC game.
    2. Images for each alphabet
    3. ABC game give hints to kids, to keep kids engaged
    4. Kids friendly UI, no extra animation so kids can focus and learn
    5. ABC game graphics are cute and kids love it
    6. There are 26 phonics and Images in ABC games
    7. ABC game can be stored on SD card

    Alphabets with pictures and phonics make this app ("ABC game") a perfect learning tool for basic or preschool. After teaching “ABC” in first level, this app ("ABC game") through puzzles with hints to toddler/preschooler, so that images and phonics related to each alphabet are glued in kids memory

    What would be the learnings for children?
    With ABC game, your kids will learn the phonics and images associated with alphabets

    How your game is different in education section
    ABC game doesn't feature fun at the expense of education. So keeping this philosophy in mind "ABC game": focus on over all skill development of kids, for example this application first teach kids Phonics/Alphabets/Images and then put forward puzzle on these topics

    What won't my children learn?
    ABC game teaches alphabet association with phonics and pictures, but does not teach your kid actual reading of words. Developing reading skills is a separate educational goal, which would be covered in different applications from "ABC game”.
    What activities are included in this app (“ABC game”)?
    This app (“ABC game”) has four child oriented sections.

    How to communicate suggestions?
    We love to hear from parents – and from children, too. Kindly post your suggestion to this email id.

    How to resolve download issues?
    Here are some Google-recommended solutions for this known Play Store issue:
    ·         Make sure your phone is logged into Google Talk. Redownload this app (“ABC game”).
    ·         Restart your phone. Make sure there is connectivity. Redownload this app (“ABC game”).
    ·         Choose "Clear Data" (in Settings/Manage Applications/Running/Market). Redownload this app (“ABC game”).

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