Action Matrix




    Actions are shown here in a two-row, two-column matrix. When the mouse pointer moves over the picture of an action, an animation related to the action plays in the box on the right side of the screen. There are, in this program, two pictures and animations for each action. Click on the picture to view the next picture and animation.

    By clicking on “>>” or “<<” the student can view the next or the previous set of actions.

    Check "Auto Play" box to run the “Action Matrix” program automatically; the student can just sit back and watch. To stop the automatic run, uncheck the box.

    When this Sound box is checked, the program pronounces the name of the action. If unchecked, it doesn't say the name.

    When this Label box is checked, the name of the action appears just below the picture. When unchecked, the word doesn't appear.

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