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    1 Introduction
    Babies' toys, mobiles, smartphone T Store service. Customized mobile applications according to the user's preferences, a variety of themes and melodies can be selected, and smartphones available anytime, anywhere.
    Baby's improved concentration menu consists of a total of four, Mobil boosts IQ and EQ. addi room listening to the cries of animals through zoo menu will stimulate the development of the brain through the visual and auditory effects.

    2 functions
    1) infinite loop completely cute Mobil
    2) Considering the visual characteristics of the child, and black-and-white mode provides
    3) lovely and cute mobile background music
    4) the sound capabilities of the child's favorite animal
    5) various toys, xylophone, dolls, dinosaurs, cute sound effects
    6) fine and smooth design for kids and four mobile themes

    1) four Mobil via the Settings button, you can set the theme and melody.
    Bundaberg Touch screen 2) can be paused by Mobil.
    3) If you touch the face of the animal at the zoo, you can hear the sound of the animal.
    4) addi in the room will hear a sound when you touch a hidden five elements (piano, xylophone, dinosaurs, rattle, teddy bear).
    5) in the room, piano and xylophone music can be played through the keyboard.
    6) More menu tab of the holder to purchase a cell phone holder can go directly to the site.
    7) More menu of events, announcements and through a variety of events will be updated

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