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    The term ‘adsorption’ is often mixed up with ‘absorption’. This app clears the perplexity regarding the two processes and specifically dwells on the concept of adsorption, a surface phenomenon, widely used in gas masks as well as in industrial processes like separation of gases and hydrogenation of oils.
    The concept is brought home through a vivid enactment of two processes,namely, adsorption and absorption, along with ample illustrations, where you actually get to view the two phenomena at the molecular level.
    What causes adsorption to occur?
    Find a satisfactory answer in this app.
    What’s more, the app has in its kitty various additional features for enhanced learning. Besides a host of amazing images and crucial key-terms, there are tagged web links to expand your reach of the topic. Once you have had a clear grasp of the topic, take the brain-teaser of a quiz and assess your knowledge on the topic.
    '' is an award-winning, e-learning product coming from the house of Designmate renowned for making visually appealing and informative 3D videos.

    Keywords:,chemistry,desiccant,silica gel,absorption,adsorbent,desorption,surface,sorption,charcoal

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