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    Al Ruqyah ; Manzil MP3 Islamic Healing App (English) is a collection of Verses and short Surahs from the Quran that are to be recited as a means of protection and cure from Black Magic, evil jin, Witchcraft, Sihr, Vodoo, Sorcery and the Evil Eye. This combined verses that formed the Al Ruqyah Al Shariah will be able to assists you to heal and recovers from such illness.

    This Ruqyah Mp3 especially to help all those who have been afflicted by Sihr (black magic).You can use the following audio file as a test to see if you have been afflicted with sihr by any reactions that you may have whilst listening to the recitation.

    By listening to thia Al Ruqyah : Manzil MP3 Islamic Healing App, you can also protect yourself and prevent being a victim of any Evil Acts. Insha-Allah.

    In the tradition of Prophet Muhammad SAW, he was himself once targeted by sorcerers, but he annulled their effect through the recitation of the verses of the Quran. According to various traditions, different parts of the Quran are described to have a positive effect on an individual in terms of negating and preventing the effects of witchcraft, or for general well being and becoming a better practicing Muslim.

    These are 33 verses of the Quran which eliminate the affects of Magic and become a means of protection from Shayaten, thieves and harmful beasts and animals. (Shah Wali-ullah (RA): AlQawlul- Jameel)

    Maulana Muhammad Talha son of Hazrat Shaykh Maulana Zakariyya (RA) Says: “These are verses of the Quran which are known as “Manzil” in our family and elders of our family used to practice read these assiduously and ensure that all the children learned them in their childhood.

    The Manzil comprises the following verses of the Quran:

    Surah Al-Fatihah (chapter 1): verses 1 to 7
    Surah Al-Bakarah (chapter 2): verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 to 257, and 284 to 286
    Surah Al-Imran (chapter 3): verses 18, 26 and 27
    Surah Al-A'araf (chapter 7): verses 54 to 56
    Surah Al-Israa (chapter 17): verses 110 and 111
    Surah Al-Muminoon (chapter 23): verses 115 to 118
    Surah Al-Saaffaat (chapter 37): verses 1 to 11
    Surah Al-Rehman (chapter 55): verses 33 to 40
    Surah Al-Hashr (chapter 59): verses 21 to 24
    Surah Al-Jinn (chapter 72): verses 1 to 4
    Surah Al-Kaafiroon (chapter 109): verses 1 to 6
    Surah Al-Ikhlas (chapter 112): verses 1 to 4
    Surah Al-Falaq (chapter 113): verses 1 to 5
    Surah Al-Naas (chapter 114): verses 1 to 6

    You might have been affected if you have these symptoms while listening to the Ruqyah verses as follows:-

    # Feeling angry
    # Feeling uneasy
    # Feeling suffocated
    # Wanting to stop listening or stopping the recitation
    # Feeling pain in part(s) of the body
    # Fainting
    # Wanting to leave the room
    # Feeling heat in part(s) of the body
    # Trying to distract your attention away from the recitation
    # Having obscene thoughts during recitation
    # Wanting to swear or speak ill words

    Symptoms of affected by Evil Eye:-

    1) Paleness of the face.
    2) Congestion in the area of the chest.
    3) Moving headache which increases during incantation.
    4) Feeling of extreme heat.
    5) Sweating, especially in the area of the back; the degree of sweating depends on the power of the afflicted evil eye.
    6) Numbness in arms and legs.
    7) Continuous yawning in an abnormal manner, especially during worship and reciting of the Quran.
    8) Crying or tears dropping for no obvious reason.
    9) Constant yawning and dropping of tears often occur with most victims as a result of incantation if one is affected with evil eye or envy but it is mostly common among afflicted women.

    If you do not react at all during the recitation it doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't afflicted. Many people don't react at all during the recitation but they actually experience things afterwards during the day. For example, one morning a person can listen to the recitation as instructed and have no reaction. However, in the afternoon they have a hallucination or they have a dream(s) that night that they wouldn't normally have.

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