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    - (Works best on 7 Inch and Above Tablets!) -

    My Clock Station PRO is your all in one productive clock solution! This app is designed to be amongst the most functional clock apps in the market! With so many features, its sure to please! (AND NOW IN VERSION 2.0 ALARMS WORK EVEN WHEN YOUR DEVICE IS OFF OR APP IS EXITED! (Simply press Home Button and you can use other apps easily))

    If you are having trouble installing, try the following:
    1. Restart your device and install again
    2. If you are still stuck, email us directly at and we would be happy to help you

    -Fixed dimmer issue
    -Added new theme: Red Mamba
    -Added new Sound Therapy sound: White Noise
    -Changed app name to My Clock Station Pro

    NOTE: If you have installation issues or update issues or app crashes after update, simply restart the app or restart your device and everything should run fine.


    You had issues, we listened INTENTLY! For the past several months we have been in heavy development working on EVERY area of My Clock Station PRO to bring you all the features you've been wishing for!


    - Smaller file size and faster response time! Faster than before!

    - Alarms now go off EVEN IN SLEEP MODE!

    - Alarms now go off EVEN IF YOU EXITED THE APP! (Simply press the home button and you can use other apps and the alarm will STILL work)

    - For those concerned about screen burn WE ADDED A SCREEN SAVER! (It will go off after 5 min. of inactivity and you have the option to turn this off as well if you want to use it as a night stand clock or a desktop clock)

    - For those concerned about power, WE ADDED A DIMMER SETTING BUTTON! Alternatively you may also now put your device into sleep mode and ALL THE ALARMS WORK!

    - A brand new user friendly INTERFACE!

    - High end HD Graphics update to give you crisper and cleaner images and fonts!

    - A FULLLY functional calculator (Yes we included the decimal this time, apologies for overlooking this important fact in the first version)

    - A brand new NOTE/MEMO section for you to write down notes and memos!

    - UPGRADED Sleep/Sound Therapy section to give more clearer High Definition sounds and added 2 more sounds for a total of 10 different soothing sounds! Now you can REALLY feel the Ocean Waves or listen to the Crickets!

    -Several Themes to choose from!

    This app is great for:

    -Busy professionals

    -Students (Includes a nap timer for those breaks between study sessions)

    -Those looking for a sleep therapy solution (FULL Solution with NOW 10 different sounds and 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute sleep options)

    -Those who want utility (Built in flashlight and calculator)

    -Those who want to increase productivity (Direct link to Google Calendar, Dual alarms, and NEW Note/Memo section)

    -Those who want clock customization (Various themes to choose from)

    -Those who are frustrated with other clock apps not working when their device is off or if they exit the app!

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