Algebra Helper 1+

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    Algebra Helper 1+ is a comprehensive Algebra reference book and a collection of necessary tools for algebra learning and teaching. Algebra Helper 1 can be used by any students from elementary school to college.

    Algebra Goals and Examples section is a wonderful and necessary resource for any teacher, parents and students at school and at home. Goals and Examples section clearly presents the learning goals of Algebra. For each goal, there are effective examples which show how to achieve the goal.

    Quadratic equation solver and linear equation solver are two amazing features with tremendous capabilities.
    Quadratic equation solver can solve any quadratic equations, even with complex roots.

    Linear equation solver can find midpoint, slope, distance, and even linear equations based on give points.

    Reference Flip Card provides an incredibly efficient way to summarize important algebraic formulas so you don’t have to worry about the formulas you always forget.

    Scratch pad is included so you would no longer need to scramble for paper and pencils while doing your math. Of course, you can enjoy some drawing fun with this feature while you are done with your homework.

    Notes Creator is a sophisticated organizing and planning tool. You can use this tool to keep track your progress, take notes and more.

    Voice recognition tool is included for you and your friends to have some fun. Now your device is listening… and writing down what it heard. Watch what you are saying.

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