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    We are living in an era of sedition. Each passing day we see different covert and subversive activity gaining momentum. One such covert group that is gaining momentum, they call themselves Ahle Hadeeth, and they have declared taqleed as kufr. But these group of people are quiet unaware of the reality. These group expects an Aalim or a jaahil with a Bukhari to derive judgments from it. How can a non Arabic literate understand the book which is in Arabic?

    To combat this sedition, a small group has joined hands to expose the lies and abrogations these group commits in the name of Sahih Hadeeth. A website has been made for this purpose,, of which this is an official android app.

    I earnestly ask you to pray for the people who are doing this noble cause, may Allah save us all from the sedition, overt conduct, and rebellion against Allah and his prophet Muhammad Salallahu alaihe wa sallam. Aameen.

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