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    The “Alive-Bugs3D" is an application for toddlers (6mths+) to an elementary school students. This application is designed to educate and to teach students about bug. It is made to let parents, kindergarten/elementary school teachers to help students to experience, and observe imaginary bugs through this application.

    Using 3D, “Alive-Bugs3D" allows student to watch bugs in different direction. This gives sense of reality, and provides the environment where students can experience and learn more about bugs.

    The “Alive-Bugs3D” is a 3D content with full of movement. Through repetition of learning, it will help to increase student's ability to speak, and detecting objects. Furthermore, through “colour study”, they are able to define and differentiate standard colours. Lastly, narrations from similar age group will also increase the level of study.

    The Function of "Alive-Bugs3D"

    Description: There are total 20 different common bugs expressed in 3D with short descriptions about each body parts. This allows students to observe on the habits of different insects.

    Each body parts are narrated by the voice of a girl.

    Bugs fly in from all directions and in few seconds, it will settle on the log where it is easy for students’ to see.

    OX Speed Quiz : Through OX speed quiz, students’ can use knowledge obtained from the short description provided, they can test knowledge. This exercise will naturally leads them to learn, and study while they look through each bugs.

    Colour Study : Students are able to colour all of the 20 different bugs here. They can select, and colour as soon as they choose it.

    Lets meet 20 different bugs which all have different characteristics!!