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    aMat significantly simplifies math and geometry making them more fun, especially for students in middle and high schools.

    Here are some of the features aMat offers:
    • Calculate the perimeter of the more common geometric figures
    • Calculate the area of the more common geometric figures
    • Calculate the volume of the more common geometric figures
    • Solving equations
    • Analytic Geometry (circle, parabola, line, ellipse, hyperbole...)
    • Trigonometry
    • Working with Matrices (Sum, Multiplication, Transposed, Determinant, Inverse)
    • Decomposition with Ruffini
    • Creation of Functions Graphs
    • Calculate Definite Integrals
    • Calculate Derivatives of math functions
    • Formulary (limits, derivatives and integrals)

    For a total of over 80 functions, continues to rise.

    aMat, in addition to showing the result of the requested operation, shows the procedure for obtaining the result. Both the procedure in general and the procedure in the particular case (with the inserted data).

    Note: It is NOT a form (there are many around) but aMat solve problems in your place!


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