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    The recorded history of Andhra Pradesh can be traced to the period of Assaka. Historians believe that the original people of Andhra Pradesh were Aryans. They migrated to the south of Vindhyas and there they mixed up with other races. A major part of Emperor Ashoka's kingdom, Andhra Pradesh was an important Buddhist center of that time. Several places in the state still bears the traces of the Buddhist culture and influence.

    Different fields of art comprise the Culture of Andhra Pradesh. The rich cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh is evident from the internationally renowned Carnatic music.

    The region is home to some of the most popular classical musicians like Thyagaraja and Annamacharya. The state's popular form of dance, Kuchipudi showcases immense talent and creativity. This dance form had originated in 300 BC and since then it has been a great contribution to Indian classical dance. Hyderabad is the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh and is also the biggest city of the state. It is one of the major metropolitan cities of the country.

    AndhraPradesh Pro gives a detailed description of its history and its Kingdom.
    It provides the geographical information like its climate ,land coverage , agriculture and plantations and so on.

    Toursim section of the app provides information about different tourist destination one can visit during holidays to relax and refresh.

    Quiz section provided tests your knowledge about the AndhraPradesh state.

    Culture of AndhraPradesh which includes literature, Dance, Music, Drama and Theatre is very admiral and mind blowing for its admirers of this state.

    Tradition of AndhraPradesh which includes its unique and rich festivals like Sankranthi, Ugadhi, are celebrated by the people in the unique way.

    Different religions live here together is explained in this app in a more effective way.
    Andhra's Economy and its industries are very informative feature of this app.
    AndhraPradesh' s Government and governance provided in the app is its major highlight.
    This app is very useful for preparation of Quiz competitions and other competitive exams to gain full knowledge about the state.

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