Animal Faces 2

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    The original Animal Faces was designed for a then two year old toddler named Devin and only ran on HVGA devices. Devin was just learning the names of the body parts, and the app was created to make that more enjoyable for him. Like the mobile devices we compute on, Devin has grown up a little, and Animal Faces grew with him. Now Devin is learning to read. Animal Faces 2 helps him with that, and now works on today's modern devices. When Devin taps a part of one of the the 20 animals, that body part is spoken aloud in a soothing voice, as it always did. But now, the word is also presented in text form at the top of the screen so Devin can make a connection between the appearance of the words and their meanings. Devin loves this app, and we think your child will too. The 20 animals include domestic, livestock, and zoo animals.

    The 20 animals included are: Chimpanzee, Cow, Cat, Deer, Dog, Eagle, Bunny Rabbit, Dolphin, Gerbil, Gorilla, Horse, Lion, Owl, Pelican, Rooster, Giraffe, Goat, Iguana, Ostrich, and Tiger. Each one features an actual photograph so your child learns the animal as it actually looks, and not as an artists rendition.

    The 10 body parts that the app recognizes are mostly parts of the face, including eye, ear, nose, mouth, and beak. Although there are a few other body parts mixed in, including antlers, paws, necks, feet, and wings.