Entertaining and educational game for babies, toddlers and small children. Hand over the phone and let them discover the world of tapping, dragging, watching and listening. It's amazing how quick they learn! Tap an animal icon in the bottom of the screen and it will show up as a large image. Tap the large image and it makes that particular animal's typical sound. The tap on the animal also produces a light flash and a sequence of growing animated circles which makes the little one really feel the action both in sound and moving images.

    The game has a child lock mode, that prevents the child from pressing the home / menu / back buttons and exit the game. In order to lock the phone you need to first select the lock button, then be sure to first check the default box and after that select the "Animalz Lock" option. When the phone is in lock mode the only way to exit is to click a sequence on the buttons: menu + back + home. In the unlikely event that anything went wrong you can always exit with a long press on the power button to just restart the phone.

    The game installs on SD-card by default, but it's possible to move to the phone memory if that is preferred.

    Animalz will be updated with more animals in the near future, so check back soon for upgrades!

    App includes: Cat, Dog, Sheep, Squirrel and Duck for free.

    Farm Animals: Chicken, Cow, Horse, Hen, Pig, Rooster
    Wild Animals: Eagle, Lion, Monkey, Snake, Bear, Elephant
    Vehicles: Train, Fire Truck, Helicopter, Boat, Airplane

    Tested and verified on:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    HTC Legend
    HTC Desire HD
    HTC Sensation

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