A.P.'s G.P.'s & Sigma Notation

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    A.P.'s G.P.'s & Sigma Notation

    by: Dr Mark Jones (PhD Maths) 2 6

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    Hi Guys, Ever wanted to have your teacher sit down with you by his side and help you through your work on maths in a simple step by step way. This Smart Worksheet does just that!

    It covers sigma notation, A.P.'s and G.P.'s with over 100 video worked solutions in total.

    Each section has a QO intro short and long click. The short click intro gets you up and running the long click looks covers the book work side of things for the most part.

    Tools along the bottom include email que, where you can capture a picture of a que you have and send it in. If i get time, I will write up a video solution and send you a link. There are resets to help you keep track of your progress and a couple of handy on line calculators to evaluate various series and sums.

    The worksheet is also included as a pdf, if you would like to download it and have a go at the questions independently.

    The idea with the worksheet, is that you try a question first and then just click on it and a video of the solution plays to show you how its done step by step.

    There are some fairly tricky problems along the way especially with the log questions, as well as many fairly straightforward ones too.

    Every question that I write I will generally put down everything that we need beforehand. So everything we need will be on the page.

    So I Hope you enjoy it and any problems just give me a buzz, send me an e-mail and all the best I hope you get on well with it.

    Cheers, Mark

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